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Related article: Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2001 19:45:59 +0000 (GMT+00:00) From: Subject: After School Play Pal Since he was about twelve-and-a-half, I've had my hands in his pants, having this liberty about any time I wanted. I probably know more about what he's got there than he does. Every day after school Josh comes by my apartment to watch videos, play video games and to get the sperm milked from his boy balls. While he sits on the couch playing his video games I slip my hand under the waistband of his baggy pants and into his boxers and in no time I'm playin' with have a stiff four and a half inch by one thick boy cock priming it to make cum. Sometimes I jerk him off into his pants, making quite a sticky, gooey mess - we always have extra underwear around the house for him just for these occasions. Other times I get his little cock out and beat him off into the palm of my hand and lap up his sperm. Most of the time I put his boner in my mouth and give him a wicked sucking -- this is his favorite. One thing for sure, I never miss a drop from him --I always get it all. Joshy is now almost fourteen and rarely misses a day at my place. Over the past year I've watched as he has grown more pubic hair, his penis has gotten bigger and his testicles have enlarged. Though he is just a skinny kid at 5'2, 105 lbs, his still hairless balls can now make more semen in a day than you could imagine. By the time he stops by at 2:45 to the time he leaves a few hours later I can usually get this horny little kid to squirt me two, three, sometimes four loads of his yummy cum. Joshy's turned into my personal little sperm factory. So here's how it all got Forbidden Lolita Pics started. Josh and his now twelve-year old brother Jaime moved into the condo across the hall from me with their Mom -- a divorcee of a couple of years. Needless to say after catching sight of Mom and her two little cuties, I made it a point to quickly befriend her and the boys. For his age, Josh was a responsible young man who Forbidden Lolita Pics does well in school, whom his mother trusts to do the right thing. However, his brother Jaime is a bit of a hellion, whom she is not comfortable leaving at home after school. Therefore, she has him in an after-school program where he is under the constant watch of an adult until picked up at 5:30 every school day. I am 24 and work at home as a freelance writer. However, it's the trust account that Grandpa left me that pays most of the bills. I am most always around in the afternoon when Josh gets home. With the permission of his mom, Josh comes over to my condo right after he gets home from school at about 2:45. His Mom is glad to have an adult around when he gets home from school. Little does she know that the guy living next door is a pervert who likes to have sex with young adolescent boys. Being a bit of an expert at seducing kids, it didn't take very long to get into Joshy's pants. The first afternoon I had him over, we started doing Play Station together and as we got wound up into the thing I started rubbing his leg, tickling and hugging him as we sat on the couch together. He seemed to like this. The next day we did the same thing, however, I noticed that he had gotten quite a stiffy from our jostling around. The third time over, having no doubt that he was aroused by our playing, I rubbed his boner through his pants for just a second to see his response. He just looked over at me and smiled -- I knew I had him. Next, I slipped my hand under his loose fitting T-shirt and started tickling his smooth tummy. It was the first time I had directly touched skin on another part of his body other than his face, arms and hands. He was wicked smooth. I had him rolling all over the couch, Soon he was laying on his back with his pants all tented up. I started verbally tormenting him; "Joshy's got a boner, Joshy's got a boner", I kept saying as I tickled his tummy. I then reached down and again grabbed his cock through his pants. This time he just kept laughing and squirming the same as when I was tickling him. We did this on and off for about twenty minutes when I said "Hey you want to feel something wicked good?" to which he answered, "OK". As he nervously watched, I unzipped his pants and carefully pulled out his little hard-on though the front of his boxers and through his zip fly. With my thumb and two fingers I started to gently masturbate him. He had a perfect little 4-1/2" circumcised cock with a knob on it about the size of a small strawberry. Joshy was very hard. At first Josh laughed and squirmed as though I was tickling him. He eventually settled down and let me do my work. I slowly stroked him up and down, increasing the firmness of my grip as we got comfortable with each other. He laid back on the couch with his legs out straight and his two arms propping him up as I masturbated him. He was watching my every move. A smile never left his face. Eventually he started to breath heavily letting out a whimper every time my hand slid up and down his cock -- he was enjoying my handiwork. After about five minutes and without warning his penis suddenly erupted spraying cum a foot in the air, landing all over my hand his pants and on the couch. He fell back on the couch with a big sigh. I looked at him and licked his boy cum off my hand savoring every drop. The next couple of times we got together we did the same thing. I wasn't until the fifth time of Joshy letting me into his pants that I gave him his first blowjob. By then we had been taking his pants and underwear off to make it easier for me to beat him off. This time I asked if he would like to feel something even better. He quickly said yes. I started by massaging his little dink as usual. I then looked over at him, gave him a wink and bent down and licked his cock like a Popsicle many times. Finally, I slid my lips over his little woody and started licking and sucking with abandon. Joshy started squealing and then gasping "Oh God, Oh God..." every time I sucked up his shaft. Within two minutes his little boner was spurting its sweet juices into my mouth. `Mm, `mm Good... Not fifteen minutes later did he ask me to blow him again -- he was Forbidden Lolita Pics hooked. I sucked Joshy off four times that afternoon. Thus began a couple of years of non-stop sex with a cute pubescent boy. Little brother Jaime eventually found out everything about what Josh and I would do after school at my house and couldn't wait `til he was out of the after school program, so he get in on the action. It was easy getting my hands Forbidden Lolita Pics into his underwear. On weekends his Mom would let me take Jaime and Josh to the movies. Joshy had this special pair of baggy pants that we had made-up that had the bottoms cut out of the pockets. Typically we will go to the theatre and find a discreet spot somewhere in the back. I put a coat down between us and then slip my hand into his pants through the pocket. With Jaime watching, I will fondle, twist, rub, caress and stroke young Joshy throughout the whole movie. I always get him off, sometimes even twice. Always wanting to be kept abreast of things, I would lean over and whisper to Jaime " he's wicked stiff", "I think he's goin' to cum" or "he just came" whenever I get Joshy off. Jaime was always interested in the sexual state of affairs of his older brother. For a thirteen year-old, Josh is getting pretty good at being able to hold out. Sometimes he can go almost the whole movie before I get him to pump some jizz into his pants. My trick was how to get my hand out of his pants saving as much of his cum as I can so that I can discreetly lick it off my hand in the theater -- the last time I shared some of Joshy's cum with Jaime who eagerly ate it up. I quickly learned that little Jaime liked the taste of cum, a desire I would soon figure out how to fill -- but that's another story. On a couple of occasions after a movie we went to a McDonald's grabbed a booth in the rear and with Jaime keeping watch, I would beat--off Joshy in his pants while we ate hamburgers and shakes. Joshy and Jaime were really getting to like the challenge of doing it in public places. Sometimes we would go to the mall and sit on a bench while people walked by and squeeze more sperm out of Joshy's overworked balls. Once while in McDonald's these two girls from his middle school saw him and came over to talk to him about inane kid things only an eight grader can talk about. I kept my hand in his pants completely tormenting him by discreetly squeezing and rubbing his boyhood, all-the-while he was trying to keep a straight face as he talked to them. Jaime kept giggling through-out it all - the girls probably couldn't understand why his stupid little kid brother wouldn't stop laughing. I thought Josh would be mad at me, however he filled his underwear with sperm right after the girls left. I carefully slipped my hand out of his pants and ate my desert. Unlike his little brother, Josh would never suck me though I think he does like playing with my cock. After I have done him a couple of times, Joshy knows that I am all hot and need to get off. Joshy will unzip my pants and because I'm all horned up from having had a couple mouthfuls of his yummy kiddy cum, he can usually squeeze sperm out of me in about two minutes. Knowing how much I love eating cum, Joshy carefully gets me to shoot into the palm of his hand so that he can then feed it to me. Being a kid with a keen interest in science, one day Joshy suggested an experiment where we see how much cum we could get out of him in a two-hour period. Sounded like fun to me. With this he produced a graduated cylinder from his back-pack that he had ripped--off from the science room at his middle school. I suggested that we get him naked and have him stand in the middle of the room, and have me jerk him off into the cylinder as much as we could. Joshy was the cutest kid having brown hair and eyes with thick brown mushroom cut hair. Except for a little patch at the top of his cock, he had a completely hairless skinny, almost bony little body. As he stood in the middle of the room, I sat next to him on the floor and beat him off relentlessly for the next two hours. His first cum was in about seven minutes and he blew a respectable ounce of boy sperm into the cylinder. His next cum was about fifteen minutes later and added another half-ounce of goo. Well, this went on for the next hour and half or so -- we got Joshy to cum six more times for a total of eight times. After the eighth he insisted that we stop saying that his balls really hurt -- the truth is we hadn't gotten any more than just a drop of juice from him after his sixth orgasm anyways. We now had a little over 2-1/2 ounces of fresh boy sperm from Joshy's balls in the graduated cylinder. I had been super rock hard since Joshy's first spurt of cum and was anxious to add to his little collection of juice. I worked my extremely stiff cock out of my pants, stuffed the head of it into the top of the cylinder and with about five strokes, blasted another 2-1/2 ounces of cum into the cylinder to mix with Joshy's. Looking at what was over 5 ounces of fresh man/boy sperm I had no doubt what I wanted to do next. First, I mixed it up real good and then took a little taste. I liked it. I then looked over at Josh, gave him a wink and put the cylinder to my lips and unload the entire thing into my mouth, but without swallowing. No set of balls no matter how large had ever delivered this much jizz into my mouth in one, shot. I just sat there for a minute savoring this giant mouthful of cum. I swallowed it slowly over the next minute or so savoring every drop. Every square centimeter of the inside of my mouth, every crack between my teeth was coated with a mix of our cum. I didn't eat anything that night and didn't brush my teeth until the next morning, enjoying the taste all evening long. I bet I had one wicked case of cum breath!
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